Backup and Disaster Recovery

Don’t let the most common IT question send shivers down your spine.

Do you have a backup?

Techknowlogic, LTD knows Disaster Recovery (DR).  Do you have a backup?  Do you have an offsite backup copy?

Don’t let these questions come at the wrong time.  Plan NOW!

Techknowlogic, LTD can plan and implement a backup plan for your physical or virtual environment.  File level backups, snapshots and offsite storage are critical to the survival of your business and very easy to implement.  If you don’t have at least 3 copies of your data, you are not protected.  If you haven’t tested your backup, you are not protected.

An automated backup to an offsite location with e-mail notification is easy, affordable and reliable.   Find out how, before it’s too late.

Call Techknowlogic, LTD at (937) 642-9048 today and plan for the worst, with the BEST!